PLC Board of Directors


Board of Directors

The Marketing Group’s Board of Directors currently consists of Eight (8) ordinary directors including the Non Executive Chairman and CEO.

Directors of UK Companies have a fiduciary duty owed to the company to act within the powers conferred by the company’s constitution, promote the success of the company, exercise independent judgment, reasonable care, skill and diligence, avoid conflicts of interest, not accept benefits from third parties and declare interests in (proposed) transactions or arrangements.

  • Don Elgie Non Executive Chairman
    Non Executive Chairman - Crossrider Plc
    Special Advisor - British Interactive Media Association
  • Adam Graham Chief Executive Officer
    Special Advisor - British Interactive Media Association Digital Advisory Board - No 10 Downing Street
  • Mike McElhatton Chief Financial Officer
    Non Exec CFO at Nile HQ Ltd and DBI Network US Inc
  • Glen Fraser Non-Executive Director
    Principal and Owner of Third Eye Consultancy
  • Martin Blair Non-Executive Director
    Non-Executive Director and Chairman of Audit Committee, Crossrider plc
  • Charles Bartholomew Director
    Board member of Catalyst (UK) Ltd and Team Entrepreneurs Ltd.
  • Conrad Swailes Director
    Co Founder at Nice & Polite Engage
  • James Downton Director
    Board member of Clickverta Ltd and Centurion Web Design Ltd.
  • Prakash Somosundram Director
    Board member of Action Community for Entrepreneurship and minority shareholder in Yolk Private Limited, Founder at Pealo Pte Ltd, Co-founder of Singapore Fintech Consortium and Vice-chairman of ACE Ltd.
  • Mats Lundkvist Non-Executive Director
    Strategic Counsel of BID Group